Learning Series

The Hispanic entrepreneur and how to differentiate in the sales process

This workshop will give us tips and tools to improve our sales processes and differentiate ourselves in it, taking ascetic values that we rarely exploit and that characterize us as Hispanic.
We will address those everyday problems that each of us have experienced in any sales process and learn how to handle them.

Our Educational Offer

Business Systemic Leadership

12-week program

Business Systemic Leadership, Experiential program, created to empower Hispanic entrepreneur with tools and a real-life, tailored business roadmap to implement in the US

Business Immersion in the USA

3 day program.

Business immersion in the US is a concentrated experiential program that recognizes the value of time for our participants.


Specialized Business Learning Workshops

1 day workshop.

Designed to address key aspects of business creation, development, and sustainable growth

Center, Purpose & Mindset

Image and Personal Brand


Business Strategy




IT & Social Network Tools

Key Performance Indicators

Talent Capture and Retention

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